When it comes to making yourself standout among all of your peers and competitors, you don’t want a typical business headshot. In today’s day and age, it’s increasingly more common to find more and more small businesses and entrepreneurs than ever before! We can thank the internet for that! That being said, there’s more competition than ever before as well and with it a need to REALLY stand out as a brand and as an individual. One of the ways that we help our clientele do that at hushXpose is by taking out-of-the-box headshots that they can use for just about every piece of promotional or marketing material!

What’s the difference between a boring headshot and a fun and memorable one?

Have you ever taken a corporate headshot that really feels more like a mugshot? Those headshots are fine for badges and your driver’s license, but they certainly won’t cut it in the world of business if you are trying to make a statement that says “Hey! I’m interesting— work with me!”

For that, you need a headshot that is fun, tells people what you do, and what they can expect when they work with you! That’s where our creative portraiture and branding photography come in.

Place them throughout your website.

Images on websites do a few things, but primarily they help the person viewing the website determine if they should trust the website enough to give them their business. When you have your website, you can either choose to use boring, generic images that you downloaded, or you can use high quality personal images of yourself that show potential customers who you are!

This builds trust with your customers and it makes your website look that much more unique!

Use them in posts on your social media platforms.

Another reason that you don’t want a typical business headshot is because creative and customized images make a social media profile look more legit than bland and boring headshots. Social media profiles that use high quality headshots for their default pictures and avi’s are more likely to get higher engagement than those who don’t!

Refresh your profile pictures every few months so that people see a new image of you.

While using the same headshot for your profile picture creates a sense of familiarity and consistency, you should refresh your profiles with a new image every couple of months! This will help keep up with your appearance as your style changes!

Submit an image along with your bio when you have a speaking engagement.

Finally, any time you submit your biography, whether it be for a bylined article or a featured story about you, you will want to submit a creative and high quality photo of yourself. This will not only help tell your story but it will also show WHO you are and really create a memorable impression for anyone who comes across it.