When you want to schedule a boudoir photoshoot, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift for somebody special, there’s a lot of planning that needs to go into it. First, you need to figure out what the occasion is if any, then you need to find a boudoir photographer whose work you love, and finally, you need to choose a location for your photoshoot. Of all of the steps in planning your boudoir photoshoot, finding a location may be the most important thing to figure out. One thing is for sure, we’re particularly fond of Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a great place to have a photoshoot, especially of the risqué variety. Here’s why Las Vegas is the best place for boudoir photography, hands down!

The Most Luxurious Hotel Rooms for a Setting

A popular place to have a boudoir photoshoot is a hotel room. This is for quite a few reasons. A hotel room is usually pretty elegant and void of any personal belongings that would clutter your photos. You don’t have to clean or make beds before your photoshoot which is great for saving time on your preparation. And finally, a hotel is a great place to get ready for your boudoir photoshoot because you can show up, get ready, and when you’re done the clean-up is already covered. A lot of brides choose to get ready in hotel rooms for a lot of the same reasons.

Now Las Vegas has some of the best hotels in the world. Where else could you find an elegant hotel suite 30 stories up and overlooking one of the most gorgeous valleys? Las Vegas also has a lot of great hotels to choose from so you can take your pick.

hushXpose, Las Vegas Boudoir Photography Studio

If you want to go for an in-studio boudoir photoshoot, you also have great options! We’re located in Las Vegas and we do a lot of in-studio photoshoots so we have this down to a science. From having all of our lighting equipment, our backdrops, and even our own in-house GLAM makeup team— this is the best place for boudoir photography. Drop us a line and schedule your very own hushXpose boudoir photoshoot today!

There Are Great Scenic Locations for a Photoshoot

Finally, if you want to get very creative with your boudoir shoot, that’s what we do best. There are plenty of scenic locations where you can use nature for a backdrop. We’ve done incredible photoshoots around Las Vegas and can even help you scout out the best locations. Planning an outdoor boudoir shoot takes a lot of preparation though, so be sure to start your planning now.