At hushXpose in Las Vegas, we often see a variety of clients from women who just want to take creative portraits and boudoir photography to industry professionals who use our creative portraiture for marketing and promotional purposes. The one unifying thread with all of our clients is the feeling of not knowing what to expect from their first photography session. So we broke it down. Here’s what every woman should know before a photoshoot.

A Good Photographer Will Know How to Coach You Through Poses

Going into your first photography session can be nerve-wracking. Many first time models have no idea what to do with their hands, how to pose their body, what facial expressions they should make, and so on. That’s at the root of what makes us feel self-conscious in front of the camera though. Luckily, a good photographer has a ton of experience coaching people through the movements and choreographing poses. You’d be surprised how easy it all feels by the time you’re actually doing it.

It’s Okay to Be Nervous

Like we mentioned, it’s normal to feel nervous before a photoshoot. You become the center of attention for a little while and that can be a lot of pressure, especially when you want your photos to come out incredibly well!
Take a deep breath and relax. It’s normal to feel nervous butterflies in your stomach before you take center stage, but you have a team of experienced professionals at hushXpose working with you to ensure that you have the best experience and the best end results!

There’s No Need to Feel Like You Need to Lose Weight Before a Photoshoot

Another natural and very common thought that people have when they have an upcoming photoshoot is that they need to lose weight in order to look their best. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Trying to lose weight dramatically before a photoshoot can lead to some unhealthy behaviors that are totally unnecessary. The reality is that all bodies are beautiful and the photos will come out fabulous without the need for some last-minute weight loss.

Wear Something Comfortable to the Studio

A lot of people tend to freak out about the outfit that they wear to the studio. The reality is that you should wear something comfortable when you arrive for your photography session. For starters, it will make you feel more comfortable and at ease. Additionally, you will likely change into your outfit here while you get your glam hair and makeup done!

Use Your Photo Shoot as an Opportunity to Spot Yourself

Finally, some people feel bad spoiling themselves and going overboard with a spa day, hair, and makeup. But a photography session is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself! These photos will be around for a very long time so you might as well make sure that your skin, your nails, and your hair look incredible! Just the way you want it to. You’re the star of the show at your photoshoot, so you might as well be pampered too!

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