Autumn in Las Vegas is the perfect time of year to schedule your outdoor family photos. Whether you want to capture the stunning outdoor scenery as the air begins to cool around the valley, or you simply want to take seasonally themed family portraits to decorate your home, October is the perfect time to take stunning outdoor family portraits. Join us at hushXpose as we prepare for the Autumn months in Las Vegas with professional family portraiture.

Consider Wide-Open Locations With Plenty of Room

Las Vegas is an incredible place because there is the duality of a 24/7 city that never stops laid out in the middle of incredible, open spaces like Red Rock, Springs Preserve, Blue Diamond, and Mount Charleston. There are plenty of wide-open locations that you can choose to do the family portraits that will give you a stunning backdrop for your family photos. The natural look of the Las Vegas landscape in the Fall looks incredible and will make the perfect location for your family photos.

Start With Posed Portraits

Most family portrait sessions will feature a combination of candid photographs and posed portraits in order to create an interesting mix of images that can be used for everything from decorating your home to social media.

Of the two styles of portraits, it’s a good idea to start with your posed portraits first before taking fun candid portraits, especially if you are taking family portraits with younger children who may have a hard time sitting still for very long. By starting out with the posed portraits, you can make sure that you have a few good portraits to hang up around the house.

Bring a Blanket To Sit On

Some family portrait poses may require that you and your family take a seat on the ground for the image. If you’re not the biggest fan of getting dirt on your outfit, then you may want to bring a blanket with you to sit on. Even if you don’t use it, it’s always good to be prepared!

Have a Distraction for the Kids

Remember a few points ago where we suggested that it’s a good idea to start with your posed portraits first if you’re bringing your kids with you to a shoot? Well, it’s also a great idea to bring some snacks, a few distractions (toys or a tablet) to keep them entertained in between sessions. A photography session can take a while sometimes and kids get antsy when they have to sit still for too long. You know your kids best and you know what will keep them distracted while everyone gets ready for the next set of poses.

Be Patient

Taking stunning outdoor family portraits can be a pretty long process because unlike taking in-studio portraits, there are a lot of variables that can affect your whole day. The weather, other people, dying camera batteries and lighting equipment, and so on. The more patience that you have, the happier you will be and the better the whole photo shoot will turn out!