While boudoir sessions can be an incredibly empowering experience for many, being in front of the camera isn’t always something that comes quite naturally. In fact, for most people, getting center stage for your own photography session at hushXpose can be pretty nerve-racking! Luckily, as with most things, you can prepare yourself for success, and being prepared will make you feel more at ease throughout your boudoir session! Read on as we help you prepare for your boudoir session!


First things first, remember to catch your breath and relax! While there’s nothing wrong with little pre-show jitters, there is nothing to worry about when you are in front of the camera. The right photographer will offer plenty of comforting words and encouragement. No matter what your reason is for taking boudoir photos, the important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable while doing it!

Wear Comfortable Clothes to the Studio

When you’re on your way to the studio, you can wear something loose-fitting and comfortable. There’s no need to show up to your boudoir session dressed to the nines in something that you aren’t getting photographed in! Wear your favorite sweats or joggers and bring your outfits with you! You can always get your hair and makeup done by our in-studio Glam Team!

Rock Outfits That Make You Feel Empowered and Confident

Boudoir sessions can be incredibly empowering for women of all ages. That being said, everyone is different and what makes one person feel sexy and confident may not make you feel the same way.

It’s important to go out and find the perfect outfits that make you love the way that you look. Afterall, boudoir sessions are for you before they’re for anyone else!

Bring Extra Outfits Just in Case!

When it comes to choosing the perfect outfit for your boudoir shoot, you want to make sure that you bring extras of everything! You know the saying “anything that could go wrong will? You never know when you might have a wardrobe malfunction and keeping an extra change can make all the difference in saving your photography session!

Touch up the Basics!

In the lead up to your boudoir session, you want to make sure that you touch up everything that you need to— from getting your hair done to waxing and everything in between.

While you can get incredible hair and make-up done by our Glam Team, you want to make sure that even the littlest details like your nails are done for the shoot. The little things really do make the biggest difference.

Find the Perfect Boudoir Photographer

When you’re ready for your boudoir session, finding the perfect photographer is easier than you think. At hushXpose, you can always count on working with an experienced photographer who knows how to capture your best. Contact us today to book your next session.