HushXpose Portrait Photography Las Vegas

Portrait Photography Las Vegas

Looking for Portrait Photographer in Las Vegas? hushXpose is Professional Photo Studio for Individuals, Couples & Family Portrait Photography in Las Vegas NV.
hushXpose is a superior portrait photography studio located in the heart of Las Vegas, NV.
As a leading Las Vegas photography studio, we focus on providing our clients with portraiture that ranges from the stunningly professional to the wildly creative!
From basic portraiture and professional branding photography to stunning photoshoots for teens and adults— we do it all!

HushXpose Portrait Photographer in Las Vegas

Creative Portraiture Photography

Creative portraiture is perfect for anyone looking for photography that is different and daring for personal or business. Our past clients include a diverse roster of entertainers, performers, MC’s, actors, and influencers across a wide array of industries; each with their own unique vision for creative portraits!

We offer our own unique, Las Vegas spin on creative portraiture photography. We incorporate the luxurious and fantastical feeling that our city embodies; from the lighting to the props that we use to make your creative portraiture unique, everything we do is meticulously planned with you to make any scene that you can imagine a reality.

Headshot and Portrait Photography

When it comes to representing your personality through images, even basic headshots and portraits are a must! Headshot photography is an affordable way to receive creative and artistic images for business cards, business profiles, and even billboards! Our headshot and portrait photography packages include Light Retouching, Full-Resolution, and Web-Ready Images that you can see and select on set!

We make sure that your headshots are more than just your run of the mill mugshots. We incorporate all of your personality with our creative use of lighting, backdrops, and accessories along with our Glam Team to make your entire portrait shoot feel as luxe as possible!

HushXpose Portrait Photographer in Las Vegas
HushXpose Portrait Photographer in Las Vegas

Perfect for Branding

It has never been more important for individuals to use professional branding photography as a tool that truly elevates the way that they present themselves to the world. That’s why many clients have turned to hushXpose for our creative Las Vegas Branding Portraiture services! We work with you to create incredible images that look great on social profiles, business cards, and even billboards!

Any time that you are trying to market yourself or your business as an individual, you need to have high-quality branding photography that can convey your personality and your message to your audience.  Ask about Limited Licensing! 


Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Meet the photographer behind hushXpose, KAT ARMENDARIZ 
Kat is a published photographer with an eye for creative portraiture. As a photographer, Kat has worked with numerous celebrities and magazines. Book your next photoshoot today!

Text Kat (702) 517-5002 FULL PRICING Menu

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Default Avatar111
Sandra Lucio
Would I do it again? Hell yeah! My bucket list fulfilled!

This was the best thing I’ve ever done! Kat and her team are amazing and very professional. I am no model, but the pictures came out amazing and professional looking. Everyone who has seen my pictures are floored at the wonderful job Kat and her team did. The hair and makeup was awesome! I(…)

Default Avatar111
Jennifer Correro
I definitely recommend Hush

Had such a great time with the crew at Hush Hush Shoot! I wanted my trip to Las Vegas to be memorable and my experience with Kat and her crew was the icing on the cake. I felt so comfortable, from the first moment of our initial video consultation to the day of the actual shoot. They really(…)

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Taylor Neigg
10/10 would recommend

My boyfriend and I did a couple’s shoot with Kat and I could not have been more happy with how they came out. She made us feel so comfortable and made the whole experience effortless. We absolutely love her and her work! 10/10 would recommend. Wish we could give her more stars!

Default Avatar111
S. M. Boyce
If you’re in Vegas at any point, hit Kat up

Kat is amazing. My recent Photoshoot was an adventure, to say the least. I had an absolute blast! A huge thanks to Kat for making the experience such an absolute delight. I had so much fun.

If you’re in Vegas at any point, hit Kat up. She’s an absolute joy and by far the most professional(…)