Finding the perfect place in Las Vegas for your photoshoot is essential if you want stunning fall photos. You normally don’t think of Las Vegas as a fall wonderland with falling leaves and autumn colors, but it is an incredible place in the fall in its own unique way. At hushXpose, a leading photography studio in Las Vegas, we love a good on-site fall photoshoot. Here are 5 of our favorite Las Vegas photoshoot locations for fall that makes the best backdrop.

1. Clark County Heritage Museum

The Clark County Heritage Museum is an incredible museum in the Las Vegas valley, near Henderson that is an incredible setting for a fall photoshoot. While the Heritage Museum is a museum, they do allow professional cameras on site and you can take incredible photos among the many different backdrops on Heritage Street like Boulder City Depot or Esslinger Barn. The Clark County Heritage Museum is a very neat little place to visit if you want to get a throwback photoshoot in Las Vegas this fall.

2. El Dorado Dry Lake Beds

There’s something very cool about being able to use dry lake beds as a location for your fall Las Vegas photoshoot. Normally, the Las Vegas heat beams down on the desert can make having a photoshoot out on the lake beds almost impossible. At the very least intolerable. That being said, once we move into the fall, the temperature drops, and having a photoshoot on the El Dorado Lake Beds can be very cool.
The dry lake beds are flat and stretch out for miles which makes for an incredible image where the subject of the photo stands out against the wide-open desert.

3. Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street

If you want a more “Vegas” fall photoshoot, you can always count on good ol’ Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street to give you bright lights and artistic murals to pose in front of. In Downtown Las Vegas, you have all of the older Las Vegas casinos which make for great vintage photos, but there are also many modern additions to Fremon Street. One of my favorite Downtown Las Vegas features is the many art displays downtown that pop up around the Life is Beautiful festival from large murals and thought-provoking statues.

4. Clark County Wetlands Park

When you want to find Las Vegas photoshoot locations for fall photoshoots, you have to visit the Clark County Wetlands Park at least once! During the fall, the weather in Las Vegas is incredible and you can get incredible shots on the wetlands for your photoshoot. The Wetlands are a hidden getaway in Las Vegas that is something of an oasis and it’s one of the best outdoor locations in Las Vegas.