Fall photos are something of a cliché but honestly, who doesn’t love a good fall portrait, especially in Las Vegas! If you’re planning on having a Las Vegas photography session in November and early December, then you need to plan everything perfectly to make sure that you end up with stunning photos. In Las Vegas, the weather in the fall is so unpredictable and you never know when your dream location will be swarmed by tourists, so you should take a moment to plan everything out with your Las Vegas photographer. Take these tips for amazing autumn photos and enjoy your fall photography experience!

Scout Your Location Closer To Your Shoot

When you plan your photoshoot, you want to be sure that you don’t scout your locations too far in advance. While there are some guaranteed good spots to have a photoshoot around Las Vegas like MJ Falls our the Wetlands, you want to be sure that the foliage and your backdrop look just right. You may scout a location for your portraits in late august just to find out that it looks completely different by the end of November. Give yourself a week or two to find the best locations.

Hit up the Touristy Spots When It’s Slow

If you want to have a true Las Vegas photography experience then you can’t leave out the best tourist destinations in the world. The Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Las Vegas, and the Neon Museum are all incredible and unique backdrops for your creative portraits. Unfortunately, you don’t want a group of tourists walking across the background of your portraits. That would be crowded and distracting. Your best bet is to wait for the slow times when many tourists are asleep and no locals are commuting across Las Vegas BLVD.

Working with Jodie Rocco, we managed to capture these incredible shots around a deserted Las Vegas in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Check the Weather App, Vegas Weather Changes Suddenly!

Las Vegas weather has two speeds: hot as hell and WINDY. Fortunately for your Las Vegas photoshoot, you can usually enjoy incredible weather for glimpses during the fall when the air is nice and cool and the windy hasn’t picked up. You don’t want to let the wind ruin your fall photoshoot so be sure to keep an eye on the forecast and plan accordingly.

Embrace the Clichés

Las Vegas can be an incredible place to live, to visit, and to have Las Vegas photography sessions. For better or worse, it comes with a lot of Vegas-themed clichés and while they can feel cheesy or silly, it’s always nice to embrace tradition once in a while. Pay a visit to all of the cliche locations on the strip, in front of the Bellagio fountains, or pay a visit to the Neon Museum where you can find incredible relics from bygone eras.