If it’s the summer after your Junior year, then that means that it’s time for you to take Senior Photos! Booking a senior photography session with hushXpose the summer before you actually go back to school means that you will have multiple opportunities to get the best senior photos that you can possibly get. You’ll also be able to play with your style and try a bunch of different styles, hair colors, and looks to really get the most out of your senior photos. Here are some of our favorite ways to elevate your senior photography session with looks and styles that are sure to make you stand out!

Give Fake Eyelashes a Try

If you have never worn fake eyelashes to a photoshoot before, then you really need to give it a try. Fake eyelashes are one of the best ways to make yourself up that will make your eyes really POP! But beware, there is a fine line between eyelash extensions that look natural and eyelash extensions that are more dramatic and make better props for a fantastical portraiture session. Go out and look around for eyelashes that make your eyes look incredible and wear them during your senior photography session!

Wear Heels to Elevate a Casual Look

If you really want to elevate your look, literally, then you should try rocking some heels with your outfit. Heels have a way of making every outfit look a little more classy, even when you are wearing something as simple as jeans and a t-shirt. Just be careful to get comfortable walking in heels before your senior photography session so that you don’t roll your ankle!

Go Easy on the Highlighter

When it comes to photography, there are things that the lens will pick up differently than the human eye that can make your images look unflattering. One of those such things is excessive highlighter. Like spray tan lotion, highlighter can stick your skin unevenly and this is more noticeable in images than it is in person. When applying makeup, go easy on the highlighter. Highlighter can add a nice glow to your face, but you should make sure that you blend it in properly! This will make your senior photos look so much better!

Style Your Hair Up!

You may wear your hear down or in beautiful curls, but there is so much power in wearing your hair up! Wearing your hair up in a stylish bun is a great way to make your hair look elegant and classy while also not having to do too much in the way of heat styling.

Additionally, try wearing your styled down and throwing your hair up halfway through the senior photography session.