HushXpose Headshot Photography in Las Vegas

Headshot Photography in Las Vegas

Looking for a Las Vegas headshot photographer? We specialize in creative headshots that will make you and your team stand out with professional business and corporate headshots.  At hushXpose, we believe that headshots shouldn’t look or feel like mugshots— headshots should be fun, interesting, and showcase who you are as a professional and as an individual. Schedule your next headshot with our experienced headshot photographer in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.

We specialize in creating simple, yet incredibly eye-catching headshots that stand out from any other headshot photography studio in Las Vegas. Our incredibly talented artistry team has a passion for creating out-of-the-box portraiture and that’s no different when it comes to even the simplest headshot photography.

As a portraiture photography studio located in Las Vegas, our clientele encompasses a wide array of industries where highlighting their entire personality and professionalism in a single image is vital to the success of their brand. That’s why our clientele of actors, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and public figures choose hushXpose when they come to Las Vegas. They rely on our unique eye for high-quality, simple yet eye-catching headshots to stand out as a valuable PR tool.

The experience, artistic talent, and vision that our team brings to the table make headshot photography at hushXpose a truly unique experience both on and off camera— and the end product speaks for itself!

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Update Your Profiles With High-Quality, Professional, and Not-So-Corporate HeadShots

As any seasoned business owner will tell you, first impressions matter. As more and more business professionals market themselves online, the importance of eye-catching professional headshots are necessary to show your personality on all of your business profiles. That’s where an experienced headshot photographer can help make the difference. When you work with our creative photography team, you can count on creative, not-so-corporate headshots that help you stand out from the crowd!‌ When you’re ready to make a big first impression with your headshots, reach out to our Las Vegas headshot photographer, Kat Armendariz.

Professional Headshot Packages

If you are in the market for an experienced headshot photographer in Las Vegas, we have great ideas on how to make sure that your headshots can stand out. We’ll work with you to figure out what kind of headshots you want and need. Do you want more professional and corporate headshots, or do you want headshots that are more creative headshots that show off your personality while making you look like the boss that you are? Either way, we have you covered. Our headshot photographers have the perfect way to present yourself on professional social media platforms online, on business cards, and even on billboards! Learn more about what headshot packages we offer. 

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Book Your Las Vegas Headshot Session Today

Ready to book your headshot photography session? hushXpose is a custom-fit Las Vegas Photography Studio located just off the Las Vegas Strip. We cater to both locals and visitors and provide unique headshot photography for every occasion to create one-of-a-kind portraiture photography sessions!

We’ve made meeting with clients during COVID-19 even easier with our virtual meetings so you can discuss your photography ideas with our Las Vegas headshot photographer. We can’t wait to create exciting ideas just for you! So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!


Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Meet the photographer behind hushXpose, KAT ARMENDARIZ 
Kat is a published photographer with an eye for creative portraiture. As a photographer, Kat has worked with numerous celebrities and magazines. Book your next photoshoot today!

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Default Avatar111
Jennifer Correro
I definitely recommend Hush

Had such a great time with the crew at Hush Hush Shoot! I wanted my trip to Las Vegas to be memorable and my experience with Kat and her crew was the icing on the cake. I felt so comfortable, from the first moment of our initial video consultation to the day of the actual shoot. They really(…)

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S. M. Boyce
If you’re in Vegas at any point, hit Kat up

Kat is amazing. My recent Photoshoot was an adventure, to say the least. I had an absolute blast! A huge thanks to Kat for making the experience such an absolute delight. I had so much fun.

If you’re in Vegas at any point, hit Kat up. She’s an absolute joy and by far the most professional(…)

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Kate Cannes
You will not regret working with Kat

I have done a personal boudoir session with Kat and she immediately became my first and most trusted choice for a bridal boudoir session. Kat is truly an incredibly talented artist with a creative mind and the ability to make a vision become a reality. She isn’t afraid to take on a challenge(…)

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Sandra Lucio
Would I do it again? Hell yeah! My bucket list fulfilled!

This was the best thing I’ve ever done! Kat and her team are amazing and very professional. I am no model, but the pictures came out amazing and professional looking. Everyone who has seen my pictures are floored at the wonderful job Kat and her team did. The hair and makeup was awesome! I(…)