While nobody had pandemic on their 2020 bingo cards until it was too late, here we are. Despite all of the negatives that come with a pandemic, like having to do all of your school online when it’s your senior year, there are still ways that you can lean into all of the classic senior traditions that you were looking forward to. One timeless senior class tradition are iconic graduation photos for you to share your monumental accomplishment of finishing school with all of your family and friends! But what kind of senior photos could you possibly take during a pandemic? The socially distant kind, of course! Here are a couple of brilliant graduation photo ideas from hushXpose for you to try out this year!

first things first, coordinate your mask with your outfit!

Before we get into the meat of this post, I just need to point out how much I like it when people wear a face mask that matches their outfits. Not only are face masks going to help protect you from airborne germs and viruses, but they also make a pretty cool accessory for your outfit. So find a face mask that is the same color as your dress, tie, or shirt and bring it with you to your graduation photoshoot! If you can find a face mask that matches the same fabric of your outfit, those look incredible too!

Go To a Wide Open Area

Being outside in large groups may not be the smartest idea, but if you can find a wide-open area somewhere without other people, you could have the perfect backdrop for your graduation photos! Finding an empty park or driving out into nature can be a great setting for your photo session. Here in Las Vegas and in the surrounding areas, there are a lot of cool locations that you can visit from the classic Red Rock Canyon to dry lake beds in the middle of the desert.

Take COVID Themed Photos Senior Portraits

Is living through a global pandemic during your senior year feel kind of crazy? Well, it is. But luckily you can lean into the dystopian side of things and have some fun with it with creative portrait photography. At hushXpose, we’ve shot our fair share of dystopian and mad-max themed photoshoots, so we know how to get creative with images that look and feel a little grittier than your traditional headshot portraits.

Visit Your Childhood School

Schools may be closed for in-person learning so this may be the time to visit an old school where your entire academic journey began. Social distancing is key, so it’s probably best to plan your photo shoot for the weekend, but visit your old stomping grounds and pose with your cap and gown for the ultimate throwback senior graduation photos!