At hushXpose in Las Vegas, we work with so many incredibly talented business professionals and entrepreneurs in just about every industry. A branding photoshoot can help your business stand out from the crowd, but getting ready for your branding photoshoot can be so nervewracking! Here’s what you should remember when getting ready for your branding photoshoot!

You Are Already Who You Need to Be

We live in a business world that is dominated by aesthetics and appearances. This can cause a lot of people to stress about how they look whether it is physically or the way that they dress. One thing to remember in the lead up to your branding photoshoot is that you are already who you need to be. Do not worry about how other people look, because as hard as you try, you will never be them, you can only be you. This is a good thing and understanding it will allow you to step into your branding photoshoot confidently and ready to crush it.

Be Ready to Effectively Communicate Your Vision

If you have a vision for your branding photoshoot or any concerns, you need to be ready to show up to your photoshoot and communicate with your photographer. Many photographers have a creative vision and styles that dictate how they shoot, so they will take the reigns and do their job, but if you want to specifically see something then you should communicate this with your photographer.

Having a clear understanding of expectations will result in both parties being happy with the end results!

Consider a Stylist

If you’re not one for dressing overly stylish, but you want to have photos that leave a lasting impression, then you could always consider hiring a stylist. A stylist will help you make decisions for hair and makeup that you may not have considered otherwise. Although one is not always necessary, they are incredibly useful and it is quite literally their job to make you look good!

Use a Variety of Images, Not Just Headshots

Branding photography covers a wide range of images and styles, so be sure to use as many different images as possible. Headshots are great for a LinkedIn profile or a biography section on a website, but you want to be sure that you have branded images for every occasion. Use a couple of headshots for your profiles and use a couple of full-body portraiture shots for promotional marketing materials.

Use Props for Storytelling

The great thing about branding photography is that you are using visual elements for storytelling and that is so much more memorable than telling a story of what you do in a body paragraph. Use props and visual elements of your profession to tell customers who you are, what you do, and what about your personality is so unique and different!