Have you ever wondered what it would like to be a model who can feel confident in front of the camera no matter the occasion?

You would think that everyone who books a photoshoot with a professional photographer does so because they have the confidence to strut in front of a camera like a professional model. Nothing would be further from the truth. In fact, many people who book professional photoshoots with HushXPose do so out of the need for branding photography, family portraits, and special event photography like formal dances.

That’s why we’ve compiled our favorite tips and tricks that will make you feel as confident as ever in front of the camera at your next photoshoot!

Be Yourself

Sometimes the issue with having confidence in front of the camera is that we often forget to be ourselves. This can be easy to do because we are comparing ourselves to others or trying to be something that we are not. That being said; be yourself, wear something comfortable that makes you feel good about the way that you look, and bring all of your personality to the shoot!

Glam It Up!

Sometimes we don’t feel confident in front of the camera because we are insecure about our appearance. Either our hair isn’t what we want it to be or we woke up that morning with a blemish on our skin.

That’s where getting all glammed up can come to the rescue. Having your hair and makeup done before your photoshoot and touched up throughout the session can really make you feel attractive and confident in front of the camera!

Find a Photographer That Makes You Laugh

The right photographer will be relatable, comforting, and will be able to help get you out of your shell by making you laugh and smile throughout the shoot. By finding a photographer who has a lot of personality, you will just about forget that you are in front of a camera. In fact, you’ll feel right at home!

Own It!

Just to echo the Be Yourself point, when you show up to your photoshoot, you really need to own it! A lot of times, the reason we don’t feel confident in front of the camera is that we are so worried about how the end result will look. The reality is that the only wany to get around that feeling is to go into the session knowing that this is something that you are doing and that no matter what the end results are, you need to go in there and give everything you have.

Practice Makes Perfect

Confidence can be hard to get right on the first time that you do anything because it is uncharted territory. Luckily, things tend to get easier with practice and experience and this is also the case with being confident in front of the camera.

If you are not confident with something, such as your poses or what face you should make in pictures, practice it in the mirror as much as you can. Additionally, if you never take pictures because you are lacking in confidence, you can make it a goal of yours to get in front of the camera more and more until you feel less camera-shy.

Have Fun!

Finally, have fun with it! If you truly want to feel confident in anything you do, especially in front of the camera, it will come out naturally when you are doing something that you enjoy. At the end of the day, having a photo session is such a fun and liberating experience so come with your best vibes!

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