Have you booked your dance photography session with a professional photographer yet? Doing so is the perfect way to create a portfolio of dance photography images to provide the dance school or Dance Company that you are auditioning for with high-quality proof that you are the best fit for them! At hushXpose in Las Vegas, we know dance photography because Kat grew up doing dance herself! That is crucial to understanding how to work with dancers to pose, what to wear, how to work with the lines of your body, and so much more that goes into the best dance photography. If you have a dance photoshoot coming up, we have the dance photography tips for stunning audition photos!

Have You Done Your Research?

The first thing that you need to do as soon as you know that you have an upcoming dance photoshoot or audition is to do your homework! We recommend researching the dance institution that you are auditioning for. What are they looking for in stunning audition photos? Try to understand what would really “WOW!” them.

Then, do research on who which photographer would be the best fit for you to help you achieve those stunning audition photos that you are after. If they have a portfolio online, be sure to check it out. If they do not though, be sure to reach out to them and ask them to send you their best dance photography work. You’d be surprised how much better your dance photographs come out when you and your photographer are working as a team!

Bring Your Best Poses

Once you’ve done some research on the dance company or school that you want to audition for, you should start to think about which poses you would like to highlight. Which poses emphasize your best qualities as a dancer? You know, those poses that really show off your best work. Bring those to the photography studio and be sure to communicate with your photographer to let them know what you are thinking. We may know dance poses and modeling, so we can help you get into poses that look best on camera but only you know your best poses.

Prepare Your Outfits, Hair, and Makeup

When it comes to dance photography, you have to remember that every aspect of your outfit, hair, and makeup will be emphasized in the images. So you want to be sure that you have picked out dance outfits that are not only comfortable for your body, but that will also look great on camera. If you need help getting your hair and makeup done, we have a glam hair and makeup team hear at hushXpose that will help you.

Remember to Have Fun!

It can be easy to get lost in the stress of taking dance audition photos, but it’s important to remember that you will always be at your best when you are having fun and enjoying what you do. Remember to enjoy the process!