Just because commencement ceremonies have been postponed until further notice doesn’t mean that you can’t take some out of this world senior photos to celebrate your final years in school! Whether you are a high school senior or wrapping up college, senior photos are a great way to share your incredible accomplishments with family and friends! Even if they can’t be there in person to celebrate with you, incredible senior photos will make for an unforgettable social media post! So join hushXpose as we help you create the best senior photography session ever with these helpful tips!

Tell a Story

Recently there were a few Senior Graduation photos that went viral online of a young woman who not only graduated college as an academic, but she had also gone to school as a collegiate bowler. Yes, bowling! What made the graduation photos so interesting was the fact that she had posed in her cap and gown as if she had just sent a ball crashing into some pins down the lane. Talk about a strike!

This was such a perfect example of how to tell the story of your experience as a student whether you are a collegiate athlete or a Varsity athlete saying goodbye to your high school. Senior photography sessions are meant to capture the essence of your student experience and tell your story as you move on to the next chapter of your life.

So if you’re graduating be sure to bring props (bring a ball, your stethoscope, or that varsity jacket) that tell your story.

Get the Gown, Cap, and Tassel!

We know that traditions can be lame some times, but when it comes to taking your senior photos, it’s worth getting the cap, gown, and tassel! These items just scream “GRADUATE!” and they make for signature elements in any senior photography session.

Get a Formal Portrait Done Too!

Senior photos can be a fun way to show a lot of Personality, but you also want to make sure that you have a few more “formal” looking photos. Senior photos make the perfect headshots. You never know when you need a pic like that for LinkedIn or more formal occasions. Besides, we’re sure that Mom and Dad would love a picture of you in your Cap ‘n’ Gown to show off around the house or at the office.

Use Your School Campus as a Backdrop

And while taking in-studio portraits can give you a lot of control when it comes to backdrops and the weather, using your school as a background for your senior photography session can add a lot of pride and school spirit to your grad photos. Go to the steps of the Student Union or pose in front of the buildings or athletic fields where you spent most of your days. This will give you something to look back on fondly!