If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are your professional headshots saying about you? At hushXpose, we believe that a strong personal brand, the kind of brand that your peers and clients think of when they talk about your industry, starts with professional branding photography that sets you apart from the rest. When it comes to your personal brand, many people will look at your picture long before they ever read a word about who you are or what makes your brand unique. That’s why it’s important to have professional headshots that speak for themselves. Here are 5 things your professional headshots say about your personal brand!

Why Are Professional Headshots Important for Your Career?

First of all, why are professional headshots a MUST regardless of the industry that you work in? Well, the reality is that in today’s day and age it’s more important than ever to create a sense of trust with potential clients and peers online.

1. You’re Trustworthy

There’s something psychological about having a high-quality professional headshot that makes you seem trustworthy to a new contact who looks you up online. This partly has to do with the fact that people like doing business with people and a professional headshot does wonders for giving your online profiles that personal, human touch that people look for.

2. You Have Style and Personality

In addition to showing that you indeed a real person, professional headshots go a long way in showing off different aspects of your personality. This can be really important if you work in an industry where being creative, charismatic, and unique is highly valued.

Some ways that your personality and style shine through in your professional headshots could be by looking at your hairstyle, your sense of fashion; if you have tattoos or piercings, and so on. Professional photos are going to highlight everything that makes you unique.

3. You’re Professional and Efficient

If you work in an industry where you contribute creative work, give interviews, do public appearances, or any form of PR, you will likely be asked to provide a headshot and short biography. Having a portfolio full of professional headshots ready to will make you look more professional than you would by sending a few selfies that you took with your iPhone.

Even if you only use your business headshot for your websites and social media profiles, having a healthy variety of headshots to choose from never hurts.

4. You Have Confidence

There’s something to be said about not being camera shy that makes people seem interesting. I mean, Instagram literally built an entire social media platform based on that idea.

Confidence can go a long way in persuading customers, peers, and employers to work with you, and the fact that you’re not shying away from putting your image front and center show that.

5. Your Reputation Matters

When you invest time and money into a professional headshot session, you’re investing in yourself, your business, and your reputation. One of the best things that you can do for your reputation is to create a sense of trust and personability around your name. You can do this and more with high-quality professional business photos.