Kat Armendariz

Kat Armendariz is a superior custom-fit portraiture photography studio in Las Vegas that specializes in everything from basic portraiture and professional branding photography to creative and fantastical shoots for teens and adults.

Whether you’re taking photos to commemorate your high school dance, to promote your personal brand, or simply because you want to explore a side of you that you’ve never seen before — we will help you come out of your shell to create captivating portraiture that shows off every side of your personality.

With our creative team, there is no limit to what we can create together! From professional portraiture and creative branding to fantastical scenes, Kat Armendariz photography studio is perfect for individuals and groups looking to make a bold statement. We’re ready to make your vision a reality, are you?

Las Vegas Creative Portraiture

We strive to create portraiture that strays from conventional norms that you may be accustomed to! All of the work that we put into creative immaculate portraiture here at hushXpose is meant to create a setting and a scene that is unique, stylish, and luxe! You’ll find that we’re far from your shopping mall portrait photographer and we’re not in the business of making your headshots look and feel like mugshots!

Some of the portraiture areas that we excel at include:

  • Headshots and Portraits for personal and business use
  • Personal Branding Photography, perfect for marketing material!
  • In-Studio Dance Photography for every competitive dance style!
  • Teen Photography to capture every milestone from your first school dance through Graduation!

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Published Las Vegas Photographer, KAT ARMENDARIZ
“When I grow up I want to play dress-up every day
with my friends and choreograph a scene that was destined for the stars!

Hi, I’m Kat from a little town in Michigan! With a big midwestern heart, childlike wonder, and limitless dreams.I have a passion to create out-of-the-box portraiture. Come play dress-up with me in my real world of fantasy or we can take creative and professional headshots and I won’t make them feel like a mugshot.”

Hush Expose Clientele


Abby Pollock Fitness Influencer as seen on Dr. Oz.

Angelina Altishin Little Egypt; Pro Wrestler as seen on the original Glow TV series.

– Nevada Federation of Women

James Washington Publisher of F.L.O.D. Spotlight Magazine

Marsha Warfield Comedian & actress. As seen on the TV series, Night Court.

Martha Wash American singer-songwriter.

Norma Jean Wright American singer.

Linda Clifford American R&B, disco, and house music singer and actress.

Jodie Rocco Musical Artist from the music groups: Milli Vanilli, The Real Milli Vanilli, The Flirts

Shane Mosley Jr. Professional Boxer

Molly Stewart IMDb actress. Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quinone; IMDb Actor & Dancer


hushXpose is a custom-fit las vegas creative portraiture photography studio located just off the las vegas strip. We cater to both locals and visitors with face to face video chat and invite you to come down and experience our one-of-a-kind creative portraiture photography sessions! We can’t wait to create exciting ideas just for you!

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